Chiptune Piano!!

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Chiptune Piano is a simple synthesizer that recreates the nostalgic sound of old video games.                                                      

With basic waveforms and a couple of sound effects, it’s ready for everybody to start playing and enjoying chip tune music!

Old video game music is called “Chip Tune” music because it was created with the sound chips of old consoles and computers.

The limitations of those chips makes their sound unique and the challenges of the composers to overcome them created the chip tune music we all love.

Waveforms are the basic building blocks of sound and different waveforms has different sounds.

With Chiptune Piano you are able to select between the basic waveforms that were used on old sound chips by pressing the second top left icon. The kind of waveform will be shown in the icon.

The waveforms available are; square, triangle, sawtooth, sine and noise.


Sometimes the raw sound of the waveforms is what you want.
But if you want to enhance the sound you can press the top right icons to turn on the sound effects.

The first effect (“FX 1”) is a delay effect which makes “echoes: of the sound.

The second effect (“FX 2”) is a reverb effect which makes the impression that the sound comes from a cave or an empty room.



The first top left icon with a question mark leads to an info page where you can remove the adds, read the privacy policy and contact the developer.

Chiptune Piano is designed so that everybody can right away start playing and enjoying
chip tune music!

Check it on the Google Play Store