Chiptune Piano Bout!!

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Master musical patterns in all keys, from basic intervals to bebop enclosures!

Piano Bout is a challenging game about learning and mastering musical patterns by playing them in all keys.

On each level you will learn musical patterns that evolve gradually, each one teaching a lesson about understand music intuitively, No theory required, everything is thought just by hearing and watching the patterns.

The levels start from the basic intervals, then evolving gradually into scales, chords, and end up with bebop enclosures!

First, your Piano contender will pitch you the current pattern, hints will appear on the piano keyboard so you can learn it.

Then you must counter back by playing the pattern on the keyboard.

If you play the correct notes, the Piano Contender will ask you again the pattern but in a different key, but now the only hint is the root of the key, you have to figure the rest of the pattern by yourself.

If you keep playing the correct notes the process will repeat until you play the pattern in all keys, then the next level will be unlocked.

However if you play a wrong note your health bar will decrease and the pattern will be asked again.

If your health bar is depleted, the correct answer will be revealed and you must restart the level.

On the settings menu you can revisit completed levels and change the tempo of the patterns.

Check it out on the Google Play Store